Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Crossfit Day 89

November 29, Tuesday
Workout – I didn’t really feel like going in today, but since we’re doing Front Squats before the WOD, I really wanted to work on my goal. I want to achieve at least one of my goals this year & figured today would be a good time.

WOD –12 min AMRAP 5 Hand Power Clean (42lb) , 10 Ring Dips (blue), 20 Double Unders. My Results: 7 sets + 5 HPC + 8 Ring Dips.

We first worked on Front Squats – 3-3-2-2-1-1 starting at 1RM. I worked w/ B! since we use similar weights. We practice a bit w/ 65lb. P showed us how to push the bar further up our shoulders & right into our neck so we’re barely breathing. I ended up trying that & kept my head up & it worked so much better than when I was looking down at my knees. We ended up doing 84-95-100-105-110-115lb. B! initially failed at 115lb, so I went after her & did it. She tried again & was able to do it! YAY! So I met one of my white board goals for this year, to do 115lb on Front Squats. YIPPEE! Now I have to work on my 50 Double Unders & 145lb Deadlift before yearend. YIKES! The 12 min AMRAP wasn’t too bad. I think I can move up in weight for the Hang Power Clean & possibly change to the red band for the Ring Dips. I’ll have to see how my shoulder feels. Otherwise, I think I did pretty well w/ the Double Unders & for the WOD overall.

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