Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Week 21 Summary

November 26, Saturday
Workout – 30 minute bicycle ride.

November 27, Sunday WorkoutNone.

Results – I don’t see any new changes this week. But I started eating regular foods again since the Nutrition Challenge ended on Tuesday. I thought I would slowly ease myself back into all the other foods, but that plan didn’t quite work out. I started incorporating a little bit of everything at once & I didn’t care about the consequences. The foods I haven’t eaten for 44 days tasted glorious. I was finally able to bake & eat what I made. And it was Thanksgiving as well as my bday weekend, so I went out to eat often. The foods were definitely tasty, but I also know I will keep an eye out on not overdoing it w/ carbs & sugars. I am definitely more aware of everything I put in my body now, but I refuse to limit myself so much that I crave things I never craved before (i.e. chocolate).

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