Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Crossfit Day 86 | Nutrition Challenge Day 43

November 21, Monday
Workout – The food I ate didn’t agree w/ my stomach today so everything was purged. I feel empty & tired. The raisins are the only thing left inside me & I know they will soon purge itself as well.

WOD –Jake’s Bday 10 Front Squats (65lb), 26 Box Jumps (20”), 9 FS, 26 Double Unders, 8 FS, 26 Push Ups (knee), 7 FS, 26 Box Jumps, 6 FS, 26 Double Unders, 5 FS, 26 Push Ups, 4 FS, 26 Box Jumps, 3 FS, 26 Double Unders, 2 FS, 26 Push Ups, 1 FS for Time. My Results: 19:20 minutes.

I was feeling sluggish today. I felt like I was in slow-motion. I know I could have done the WOD faster if I had done a proper warm up. I only had time for the foam roller so I was still pretty cold before the WOD. I think I still did okay though. The Front Squats were pretty challenging. We had to do a deadlift, then a power clean to get the bar onto our shoulders, & then we’d do the Front Squats. It was best to do them unbroken, meaning to do all 10 reps without putting the bar down on the floor, so I did that w/ all my reps. They were pretty tough & takes a lot out of you. I breezed through the box jumps, which is one of my strong exercises. I know I could have done the Double Unders better & the Push Ups are always hard for me due to my shoulders being so weak, even though I did them on my knees. I did the best I could for today. Afterwards, we did 50 Toes to Bars for Time. I was able to do 7 in a row this time, which is the most I’ve done thus far! I was lax w/ doing 50 for time because I was helping K out in between, but I finished them in 11:03 minutes. It’s not a great time, but I can actually put a time for it now. I wasn’t able to even do 50 before, but now I can. I hope I only get better as I practice more.

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