Thursday, November 17, 2011

Crossfit Day 84 | Nutrition Challenge Day 38

rudie2shoes vs Rope Climb
Winner: rudie2shoes (I think I conquered my fear of the full rope!)

November 16, Wednesday
Workout – Tonight at CF, the owner will bring in his wedding photographer to get some shots of us in action. I decided to take 2 hs off work early just to go. I want to see how good this photographer is. Can’t wait! I’m feeling much better today. I don’t feel so sluggish & I’m getting my energy back. No more PMS-ing for me. The Nutrition Challenge has caused me to PMS! For some strange reason, it made me more emotional too. I don’t like it at all, so once this challenge is over, I’m going back to eating everything, but I will definitely look at the labels to make sure I’m not putting certain crap in my system.

WOD – 4 Rounds for Totals 1 min Rope Climb, 1 min Wall Balls (20/14 8lb), 1 min Hang Power Cleans (42lb), 1 min High Box Jumps (24”) My Results: 43-35-35-41 = Total 154 reps.

The photographer was here for the 4:30pm & 5:15pm class. I went to the latter class, but saw the tailend of the earlier class. It was all girls in the class. My class had all guys & 3 girls (including myself, but Karen Kelly was doing a really modified WOD, so she wasn’t in the middle of things). It was pretty intimidating w/ all these guys, but I was willing to take on the challenge. I wanted to do the full rope climb, so I raised my hand when Tim asked who was doing it. With so many people in the class, we had to do 2 heats. The first heat started w/ the normal progression of the WOD, while heat 2 (my heat) started w/ Wall Balls, then onto the Rope Climb. Then we switched progressions every round, so I would do Rope Climb first on Round 2 & so forth. I was able to climb the rope 2x in the first round, which made me extremely happy to know I can climb all the way to the top. Round 2, I did 1 full climb, then tried a 2nd climb but only got halfway up. 3rd Round I did 1 full climb & was too tired for anything more. 4th Round I went up ¾ of the way, but got exhausted & had to come down. I didn’t do great w/ the wall balls & hang power cleans. Most of my reps came from the box jumps, which I am pretty good at. All in all, it was a great WOD!

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