Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week 19 Summary | Nutrition Challenge Day 33, 34 & 35

November 11, Friday
– None.

November 12, Saturday
Workout – None.

I totally cheated today on the Nutrition Challenge. It was for my engagement dinner w/ my family & there was no way I’m not eating for this one. I didn’t go overboard & overstuff myself. I ate a little bit of everything & it felt good. Today was the first real time that I cheated on my own accord & it felt good that it took me 34 days to really cheat. I am so close to finishing w/ this w/ only 10 days left. I’m quite certain I won’t cheat again because I do have a lot of willpower when I really want to. This was the most satisfying cheat. :) My body feels a bit bloated. My hands definitely feel like sausages. They seem swollen. And my skin around my lip feels blistery & there’s already a new breakout on the corner of my lip. I have a feeling the bloating is due to the Thai food I ate tonight. Oh I think my body is rejecting the salty & tasty foods I had tonight. What am I to do?!?

November 13, Sunday
Workout – None.

Results – I feel I am stronger, but I think my bodily changes have hit a plateau. I think the next step is to really watch my diet. I am currently into 33 days of the Nutrition Challenge, but I think I am still eating too much food. Although I feel like my body needs it & I’m not gaining any weight, I do think I need to learn to control my food portions better. That will probably be my next personal challenge to myself. It’s harder when it’s a self-imposed challenge. People have noticed my skin has been better since I started the Nutrition Challenge, so there must be something in the foods that I am no longer eating that is causing my skin to react badly. I will have to experiment once the challenge is over by slowly adding some items back into my diet to see what effects it has on me. Otherwise, there isn’t anything noticeable about my body that has changed. I haven’t stepped on a scale for 33 days, so I don’t know what I currently weigh.

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