Friday, November 4, 2011

Nutrition Challenge Day 26

November 4, Friday
– None.
I’ve confessed that I technically cheated on the Nutrition Challenge. It pains me to think that because it was not intentional nor was it even satisfying. I ate broccoli that was cooked w/ peanut oil that V’s dad made for me about a week ago. It was freaking broccoli for goodness sakes. I was highly upset about it when I found out, but of course, it was only AFTER I’ve already eaten the broccoli. Grrr…it annoys me to no end. We’re approaching the end of the 4 week mark & I’ve been finding myself getting restless w/ this challenge & I find myself wanting potato chips to no end. But, again, I think this is hormone related, so I need to get through the next few days & I should be back to myself again.

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