Thursday, November 3, 2011

Crossfit Day 76, Nutrition Challenge Day 24

November 2, Wednesday
– There’s a 2 hr POSE running clinic held at CF tonight, so I’ll be attending & learning how to run better & more efficiently. I’m actually pretty excited about it & I’m so glad I was able to come back last night so I can attend this today.

WOD – Death by 10m Results: 15 Rounds (total of 1200m)

Today’s POSE clinic taught by Paul was awesome. We got good tips on what is considered good form & what not to do. He also did plenty of running drills for us to see how we are running. He first had us put a lacrosse ball under one foot to find a tender spot. Then he had us press down onto the sore spot for 5 seconds, rest 10, and repeat a few more times. Then we did the other foot. We noticed we were able to stretch towards the ground & up into the air higher after doing this exercise. Then he had us run around so he can pinpoint what we are doing wrong. He told me I had good form, but I need to work on getting rid of my kickback (kicking my feet too far behind me). We learned the 3 points of running – Posture (keep your body upright & aligned from head to toe), Lean (lean 1-2 degrees forward but do NOT bend at the waist), & Lift (pick up your feet square to your body & land on the ball of your feet & your heel will only gently “kiss” the ground). We did single jumps on a jump rope to teach us to land on our balls of the feel & also we did running while using the jump rope. We were also standing w/ our backs to the ball & an inch off, then we started running in place. Many of us wandered forward about a foot or so. So this taught us to stay in control of our running & that your feet never kick back, otherwise it would have hit the wall. We also stood in front of the wall w/ our arms stretched out & then leaned onto the wall. We would run into place & he would tap us on our shoulder & we would turn & run as fast as we can. We hopped on our feet (balls of feet touches ground first, then the heels) & when he told us, we would lean slightly & that would move us ahead. The lean uses gravity to pull us forward making running easier & more efficient. We then hopped on one leg, while bringing the other leg high up (like high knees) & did that the entire length of the gym. Then we switched to the other leg. This is to help us focus on keeping our legs square to our body & not behind our body. Then we did both legs (high kick) across the gym. Then we were partnered up & one person holds the other one by the shoulders while the other person starts running against your partners hold. The partner lets go & you run as fast as you can. I did this a few times & once I actually fell to the ground. Haha At the end of the 2 hours, we did the “Death by 10m” workout. The first minute, you run 10m, then rest the remaining of the minute. 2nd minute, you run 20m, then rest, 3rd minute, you run 30m & so on & so forth. It will get to a point where you won’t have anytime to rest in between rounds or you just don’t finish your round. When you don’t finish, you are eliminated. I was determined to stay as long as I can. I finished the 15th round & was almost done w/ the 16th round & missed it by 5m. That stinks, but only a few lasted as long as I did. And only 2 people finished the 16th round, but didn’t finish the 17th round (Erin & a guy). I think I did pretty well. Then we learned to stretch by doing downward dog & alternating bending of the knees, then rest (you can do child’s pose). Then slowly walk your feet closer to your hands & bend knees again. You’ll become more flexible as you continue to do this. It was an awesome clinic. I hope he comes back again to give us more tips. I loved the clinic!

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