Sunday, November 13, 2011

Crossfit Day 80, Nutrition Challenge Day 31

November 9, Wednesday
– I was having a really crappy day yesterday. My mood was gloomy & sad the whole day & night. I figured the WOD would keep my mind busy for 45 minutes & it did for the most part, but there were a few moments that made me think of my crappy day. I need to learn to let things go & be more patient, w/ everything. After a long talk w/ V in which I was pretty down & harsh on myself, but at the same time it was a great catharsis of all that I’ve been holding back. I’m so grateful for him. Back to discussing the workout. After doing 250 double unders from yesterday’s WOD, my calves/legs are really feeling it today. It’s a good thing because I know my body still isn’t used to all the CF exercises & is still being constantly challenged. I’ve admitted to cheating on the Nutrition Challenge again. I realized the bologna I ate last week might have added sugar, although I can’t be 100% positive because mom gave it to me. This diet is pretty hard to keep up w/ but I’m doing the best I can & I think I’m sticking to it for the most part.

WOD Lara’s Bday WOD – At the top of every minute, do 3 Burpees – 28 Deadlifts (42lb), 28 Toes to Bar, 28 Hang Cleans into a Squat (42lb), 28 Overhead Walking Lunge (25lb), 28 Push Jerk (42lb) for Time. My Results: 23:40 minutes.

Lara’s Bday WOD was tough. The deadlifts were probably the easiest part of the whole WOD. The most annoying were the 3 Burpees at the top of every minute. I ended up doing 69 of them in total. I hate Burpees w/ a passion! I tried my best w/ Toes to Bar. I still can only do 1-2 at a time, but I think I’m slowly getting better. The Hang Cleans were extremely tiring because you have to do a squat each time. Boy did they burn. I always have trouble w/ the OHWL because my arms just get so darned tired. And the Push Jerks were last, so we’re already dead tired at this point. I was doing about 6-8 of them per minute & it seemed to have taken forever. It was definitely tough today, but it felt great to finish.

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