Thursday, December 1, 2011

Crossfit Day 90

rudie2shoes vs kipping pull-ups (red band)
Winner: kipping pull-ups
(now I need to switch to the purple band so the line on my tummy will be 1/2 the size of the red band) :(

November 30, Wednesday

– I’ve been up reading The Hunger Games, so I haven’t slept as much as I would like. This reading this is not doing me any good, so I’m tired today. I only have myself to blame. Anyway, We’ve done double unders for the past 2 days & we have to do more today. My abs feel a bit sore from Monday’s WOD, but otherwise, I feel pretty good. I feel like the WODs are more challenging now than when I first started CF, so that’s a good thing. I definitely feel stronger.

WOD –”Bradshaw” – 10 Rounds 3 HSPU (modified Box Push Ups), 6 Deadlifts (modified using 88lb KB), 12 Pull-Ups (red), 24 Double Unders for Time. My Results: 29:27 minutes.

I practiced my deadlift & felt something funny going on w/ my left knee/shin area. I asked trainer & he said it’s probably because we have a bursa there & it might be inflamed. So instead of using the bars for deadlifts, I used the 88lb KB to do them, which didn’t cause me any pain. Thank goodness, I really didn’t want to hurt myself any more than I’ve already had. The 1st round is always easy. The box push ups & KB deadlifts went fine. I even did 12 kipping pull ups in a row w/ the red band. My double unders got progressively better as the WOD went along. My pull ups got progressively worse after the 5th round. I started noticing the red rubber band was causing friction against my stomach & it started hurting. Now I have a stomach rash from the pull ups. :-( 10 rounds was a killer though because the WOD seemed to not want to end. By the last double unders, I looked at the clock. It was at 29:12 minutes & I wanted to come in under 30 minutes, so I went at it w/ the double unders. I finished the 24 in 15 seconds w/o missing one! Whoo hoo! I practiced more double unders afterwards, but I was too exhausted by then to keep them going to try to attain my 50 double unders in a row goal.

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