Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Crossfit Day 95

December 13, Tuesday
– I’ve been gone from CF for 5 days & I’m really not feeling motivated. I didn’t get enough rest either since I just came back from Toronto last night. But I know I’ll feel better once I’m there, so here’s hoping for the best.

WOD – 4-8-12-16-20 reps of Pull Ups (red), 2 for 1 Jumping Lunges, Ring Dips for Time. My Results: 12:57 minutes. Rest 3 minutes. Run/Row 1000m For Time. My Results: 6:42 minutes.

I think the pull ups went fairly well. I didn’t burn my stomach this time, though I still have a scar mark from Bradshaw. The jumping lunges got annoying, but still were okay. The ring dips went ok. I wanted to row, but since I was the 7th person to finish, I didn’t want to have to wait another 3+ minutes until someone was done, so I went for the run instead w/ MV. It was dark & cold outside & I was wearing a tank top, but I still went out there w/ my light. I know I could have done faster, but it was dark & I really didn’t want to risk a twisted ankle. Plus I was wearing my new New Balance Minimus Train sneakers w/ Vibram soles, so I was afraid I would be extremely sore afterwards since I’m not used to running in “barefoot” technology & am trying to ease myself into running barefoot. Luckily, my legs felt okay afterwards. We ended w/ 4 min plank. I did 3 mins uninterrupted, then the last minute w/ rest in between. I was a bit slow today, but I still felt good afterwards.

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