Monday, December 5, 2011

Week 22 Summary

No weekend work-out.

Results – I don’t see any changes this week. I feel like I’ve gotten plumper since the Nutrition Challenge is over, but I think it’s all in my head. I’ve incorporated everything back into my diet, but I am definitely trying harder not to eat too much carbohydrates. I do eat desserts though without remorse. I am trying to keep away from buying bagged potato chips since I’ve been without them for over 56 days now. I’ve opted to bake my own sweet potato or taro chips since they are healthier & I know exactly what goes into my own chips. I’ve noticed getting food coma more now but that’s because I’m added carbs back into my diet. This weekend was the CF Xmas party, but I had to miss it due to another Xmas party I’ve already said I would attend. It’s a bummer I missed it but I still had a good time at the Xmas party I did end up attending.

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