Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Crossfit Day 94

December 7, Wednesday
–5 Rounds 3 Rope Climb (15ft) (sub 1 Rope Climb & 10 Pulls Ups (red) or 9 Rope Climb from the Ground (RCG)), 10 Toes to Bars, 21 Overhead Walking Lunges (25lb), 400m Row for Time. My Results: 38:42 minutes.
Today’s WOD was incredibly difficult. I was excited about the rope climb, but quickly realized all the exercises were upper body intensive, so I was fatigued by the time I finished the first round of full rope climbs. I was 1 of only 2 people (CM) that attempted to do the full rope climbs. I was doing well for the first 2 climbs, but by the time I got to the 3rd one, I was tired & made it ¾ of the way up. I asked P for a sub so he told me to do 1 full rope climb plus 10 pull ups. I did that on my 2nd & 3rd round. By the 4th round, my arms were shot, so I went for the sub that most everyone else was doing, the 9 rope climbs starting from the ground & you pull yourself up to a standing position. Even that was difficult for me after doing all the full rope climbs. I knew I was way behind most everyone else at this point & somewhere in my head, I wanted to quit & end it after the 4th round. When I finished the 3rd round, P thought I was entering the 5th round, but no, I was only entering the 4th round. I was exhausted, but I kept myself going & finished dead last. I was ok w/ that because I was the only girl that did the rope climb & I’m pretty proud of myself for going for it & I ended up doing 5 full rope climbs. It was an excruciating painful & tiresome WOD, but I finished nonetheless!

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