Thursday, June 17, 2010

Elevation Burger

I just had my first Elevation Burger and it was quite delicious. The burgers are 100% organic, which I totally support. After watching the movie, Food Inc., it has changed my view of the food industry (especially the meat & chicken industry) tremendously. I was proud to eat this product.

Funny thing happened at Elevation Burger. I was at the register putting in my order, when I get a phone call. I picked up & tried to get the person off the phone as quickly as possible since I think it's rude to the other customers behind me. It was a phone call from the Organic Consumers Association! haha I signed up for the group after watching Food Inc. I told you it made an enormous impact on me & I had to research more afterwards.

The burgers are not huge, but they filled me up. I ordered the Cheeseburger ($4.19) in a lettuce wrap instead of the burger buns for a healthier option. The Elevation sauce was yummy as well as the beef being tender & moist. Cheese cost $0.40 but all the other toppings were free (lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mustard, pickles, raw onion, caramelized onion, hot relish, elevation sauce, mayo, balsamic mustard).

I also had the Vanilla milk shake w/ Bananas & Strawberries. This was my "appetizer" while waiting for the burgers. It was totally delicious. The bf had the Half the Guilt burger (1 beef patty & 1 veggie patty) in a lettuce wrap. He enjoyed his meal, but still prefers Bare Burger even though they are a pricier option. For dessert, I tried the Fresh baked chocolate chip oatmeal pecan cookies made w/ organic eggs and butter. It was eh, not worth it to get. It had a funny grainy texture & it was too sweet.

The Montclair, NJ location is totally kid friendly. They have bench seating in the back for a larger party. Tweedles the clown was there too, but I'm not sure if she was there because of the NJ Blood Drive or if she is a regular there to entertain the kiddies with face-painting & balloon animals.

A fun time was had by all. I would totally recommend going with the kiddies.

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