Friday, April 30, 2010

The start of Baking

I never thought I would be interested in baking. I remember years & years ago (~ 11 years), I wanted to bake one night at my mom's house. I bought myself a box of instant cake mix, proceeded to add all the ingredients & fill up a pan. When I was ready for the oven, I tried to turn it on. Lo & behold, the friggin' thing wouldn't turn on! Mind you, this is a very, very old oven, I think at the time it was well over 20 yrs old. It was around midnight (yes, I'm a night owl) when this happened. What to do? Wake up my mommy? She'll probably be pissed off since she's been in bed for at least 2-3 hours already (yes, mommy is a morning person, go figure). So, I woke her up! She came downstairs, tried to turn the oven on, without any success. :( I was totally bummed. Being Chinese, she decided we should STEAM the cake in a big wok instead. Ai-yah. Yes, we ended up steaming the cake. And yes, it turned out N-A-S-T-Y! My dad tested out the oven the next morning, & of course, luck would have it, it turned on without any issues. The oven gods were not on my side, probably trying to dissuade me from baking. You would think I would be discouraged from baking again. And to be honest, I was, but I am not one to quit until I get my way. My baking will prevail...eventually, when I find an oven that works, that is.

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